Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Starting a local campaign group

How do I work with the local media?

Get your group to designate a spokesperson or press officer. Send out press releases about what you're doing to the local newspaper, radio, and TV. Follow up press releases with phone calls to make sure they've got it. When something major happens in your campaign, have someone ready to give an interview to the media.

Think of interesting angles on what you're doing and who your supporters are. Carrying out surveys, petitioning, demonstrations, handing out leaflets in the town, or imaginative publicity stunts can all be interesting news stories for your local press.

I've heard a rumour that a new supermarket will open in my area. How can I found out if this is true?

Contact the Council

The first thing to do is to contact the Council. They are the most likely to have the information you are looking for, and most likely to be happy to give it to you. You can find the planning department of your Council by looking at its website or phoning its switchboard.

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