Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Planning law

Do local people have to be consulted about a new supermarket?

Yes. When any application is received it will be validated by the Council, after which the council have to publish information about the application for people to see and reply to. It should be published on the Council’s planning register. This is usually now available online on the Council’s website. Ask the Council if you don’t know the planning application reference number and want to see the entry on the online planning register. Alternatively, you should be able to visit the Council offices to view the application and any documents submitted with it.

Securing appropriate planning contributions

In order to properly reduce the effects of its development, a supermarket should offer (and the Council should require) a list of planning contributions as part of what is known as a ‘Section 106 agreement’. This could include providing or offering money towards, for example, improving links to the town centre, pedestrian crossings and general road safety measures or improved bus services.

There are three tests that a planning contribution must pass to make it acceptable. It must be:

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