Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Beeston, Nottinghamshire

In the town of Beeston, on the outskirts of Nottingham, the local Broxtowe Green Party ran a campaign "Say No to Tesco" to oppose Tesco’s application in October 2008 for an extension to the planned store it gained consent to build in 2004. The application was for a superstore of 9185msq, an increase of 3785msq and 440 car parking spaces. Over the past few years the site has... Read More

Bingham, Nottinghamshire

Bingham Town Council met on 10th January 2011 voted seven to three to object to Tesco’s plan for a store on Chapel Lane.The committee’s main concern was that it would lead to traffic congestion and increased danger for pedestrians.

In July planning officers recommended planning permission for the store on Chapel Lane be refused because of the negative impact it would have on existing... Read More

Keyworth, Nottinghamshire

In 2010 a campaign action group "No Tesco in Keyworth" was set up to oppose plans for a new Tesco store. The group collected a petition of 2,000 signatures from people opposed to the store which will be larger than an Express store but smaller than a superstore and will have 70 car parking spaces.The site is an empty brownfield site, which was previously a garage.

Tesco... Read More