Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Beeston, Leeds

Asda and Tesco are going head to head in a bid for planning permission in Beeston as Asda looks to build a new bigger store on its current Old Lane site and Tesco bids to build a new supermarket on a neighbouring site.

In October 2012 both applications were recommended for refusal by planning officers on the grounds that the proposed new supermarkets could undermine efforts to attract... Read More

Boston Spa, Wetherby

In May 2012 a campaign was launched to try to stop Tesco’s plans for an Express store. Boston Spa Say No to Tesco action group was formed in a bid to halt the Tesco's move on the Georgian listed Crown Hotel pub.  The group includes the local MP and more than a 1,400 people who have signed a petition against the... Read More

Collingham, West Yorkshire

In May 2011 more than 150 people attended the annual parish meeting at Collingham Memorial Hall to show their opposition to proposals for a Tesco store at the former Old Star pub in the heart of the village. Residents are concerned about the level of traffic and impact on existing traders. Local residents formed a campaign group. The group have organised public meetings and produced a leaflet... Read More