Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Acocks Green, Birmingham

Morrison's submitted a planning application for a 35,000 sq ft. supermarket not more than a mile from Acocks Green high street, in Birmingham, B27.  On 26th April 2012 the plans were approved by seven votes to five.

Acocks Green has a small, existing Sainsbury's and a range of other, traditional local shops like greengrocer's, butcher's, hairdressers, newsagent's, hardware, cafes etc... Read More

Bournville, Birmingham

Residents campaigned against plans by Tesco to sell alcohol at a store on the edge of Bournville, an alcohol-free village in Birmingham. The area was built by the Quaker George Cadbury in the 1890s and has been alcohol-free since then.

Bristol Street, Birmingham

In May 2011 the Birmingham Mail reported that Tesco and Asda have renewed their six-year-old battle over plans to open stores on either side of Bristol Street. Asda favours a store on the Attwood Green estate and Tesco is looking to redevelop the Monaco House office block.

Asda failed to develop the site within the permitted three-year deadline and hoped to gain a time extension from... Read More