Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Truro, Cornwall

In 2011 Truro residents set up a Save Truro campaign against a planned Waitrose store on a greenfield development outside Truro.

On 15th December 2011 Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning committee gathered to decide the fate of 55 acres of farmland outside the built area of Truro, in an Area of Great Landscape Value which regularly produces invaluable winter feed for one of the best dairy farms in Cornwall. The Committee voted to defer the decision so that further work to be done on traffic modeling, testing the splitting of Waitrose from Cornish Food Hall to see if either or both can be accommodated in the town centre (where they should be), and how the Planning authority and Applicants can make the proposal to establish a ‘buffer’ zone more substantial.

In 2007 residents in Calenick, Truro were concerned that Tesco could relocate to a green-field site as part of the Higher Newham development which included plans for 800 houses on part of the 100-acre site. Calenick Resident Association submitted a petition against the development in March 2007. 

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Campaign Updates
Truro, Cornwall

23 March 2017
Asda confirms no longer interested in opening a store

as part of the Threemilestone development.

30 July 2015
Developers, Inox Group, [plans approved

for new supermarket

13 March 2015
Asda and Morrisons plans approved

One plan being considered was from developer Inox, which said that, if approved, its scheme - one of the four to include an intended supermarket - would underwrite the cost of a stadium at Threemilestone. It was deferred after being recommended for refusal by planning officers.

But the planning committee members approved, with conditions, plans from developer LXB (Willow Green) Ltd for 435 homes and other amenities, including an Asda. Conditions are attached requiring a contribution to Truro city centre. They also approved Maiden Green Ltd's plans for 515 homes, other facilities and a Morrisons supermarket.


12 March 2015
Councillors due to meet to discuss four supermarket applications
4 March 2015
Planning officers recommend refusal

Planning officers recommended that plans for a supermarket which would fund the sports ground should be thrown out.

2 December 2014
Developer LXB lodges an appeal
26 September 2014
Decisions on all three applications deferred
17 September 2014
Recommendations from planning officers

Planning officers recommending that Councillors delegate powers to them to grant approval for developments at Maiden Green and Willow Green. A third application for a site at Hendra is recommended for refusal.

26 August 2014
Inox submit plans for supermarket

Exeter-based Inox group, which already has detailed planning permission for the stadium and outline permission for a development including 1,50 homes at Langarth Farm, has revealed its new West Langarth scheme. The proposals include a new supermarket and other retail provision, petrol station, food and drink outlets, community and sports buildings, formal playing pitch provision, public open space, housing and parking.


26 June 2014
Planning meeting cancelled

A planning meeting set to decide applications for three supermarkets along the A390 in Truro has been cancelled.A council spokesman said: "This decision has been made following recently received representations from a third party and receipt of legal advice over the process of advertising additional environmental information received under the Town & Country Planning Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2011.


7 March 2014
There are now five different sites trying to get planning permission for supermarket developments in the west of Truro.
18 January 2014
Developers submitsplans for 435 homes and Asda store



17 January 2014
Devleopers prepare planning application

Development company Helical Bar are working up proposals and are in talks with Cornwall Council, with a planning application expected in the spring.

23 September 2013
Supermarket deal for Truro City ground

Local paper says a deal is currently being put together that would see a "major foodstore operator" set up shop on the Treyew Road site.However, in a presentation for the company's Annual General Meeting in July 2012 an image of Tesco was used to illustrate the Helical Bar plans for Truro. A planning application for the scheme is likely to be submitted this autumn according to the report.

8 March 2012
Plans approved

The planning committee voted 11 votes to 8 to approve the plans.