Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Stroud, Gloucestershire

A public consultation into proposals for a new ASDA supermarket at Daniels Industrial Estate in Bath Road was held in July. 

Plans for a £15 million supermarket at Ryeford have been submitted to Stroud District Council in August

Developers Property Alliance Group submitted the application after it released research which it says shows demand for a new foodstore at Ryeford to serve residents of Stonehouse and The Stanleys.

A campaign group Stroud Against Supermarket Saturation (SASS) is opposing the plans.

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Campaign Updates
Stroud, Gloucestershire

4 September 2017
Lidl plans revealedfor store and nearly 130 apartments

Plans have been revealed for a Lidl and nearly 130 apartments and houses off Dudbridge Road in Stroud.

3 August 2017
Tesco objects to new Aldi store

On the grounds it would harm independent retailers. Tesco has three stores in and around Stroud.

2 August 2017
Lidl gets active about new store

Lidl appears to be moving closer towards opening a new supermarket in Stroud after years of inactivity. After two years of silence on opening a new store at Dudbridge, today details of its agent’s request for whether an environmental impact assessment (EIA) at the site is needed was posted on the planning authority’s website.

24 July 2017
Aldi plans to be determined by planning inspector

Aldi has now gone to the Secretary of State, meaning a government planning inspector will make the final decision at an appeal hearing. This decision will relate to Aldi's initial application last year, which was rejected by SDC. The second application, which was deferred in April, is technically still 'live' and due for a decision in September but, of course, if Aldi wins the appeal to the Secretary of State, this second application will almost certainly be withdrawn.


24 April 2017
Aldi application recommended for approval

Whilst an application for planning permission for an un-named operator and 50 homes with a coffee shop only yards away across Dudbridge Road at Daniels Estate has recommended for refusal.


8 March 2017
Aldi submits fresh planning application

Aldi has submitted a fresh planning application to build its first store in Stroud. It has teamed up with the landowner of the Bath Road Trading Estate in Dudbridge, Wagner Developments Ltd, to submit rejigged plans which would transform the whole site. The two have put forward a new joint planning application for a discount food store and wider improvements to employment space at the historic trading estate.

2 February 2017
Lidl still has no definite plans for a store in Stroud
1 December 2016
Aldi refused permission for new store in Stroud

PLANS for an Aldi have been thrown out over fears the supermarket would harm trade in town centres and lead to job losses

21 October 2016
Last minute application on land opposite possible Aldi site

A last minute planning application that will challenge and possibly undermine plans for an Aldi in Stroud has been submitted. A developer has come forward with an 11th hour masterplan to create a huge regeneration project of the Daniels Industrial Estate in Dudbridge.

Hunter Page Planning’s vision includes plans for another large supermarket, a drive-through coffee shop and up to 50 new houses. The rival supermarket would be located directly opposite the Bath Road Estate where Aldi wants to build its new store – leaving the two application in direct opposition.

1 June 2016
Aldi submits application
26 July 2015
Developer submits new application for Asda store

Developer Hunter Page Planning has made the new application for the site at Daniels Industrial Estate at Lightpill, for a new Asda superstore.

16 April 2015
Planning permission approved for Lidl site

SDC’s development control committee met on Tuesday to consider three plans for out-of-town supermarkets; Asda at Daniels industrial estate on Bath Road, a potential Lidl on Stroud Metals site at Dudbridge, and a third supermarket at Brunsdon’s Yard, Ryeford.  Planning officers had recommended that Asda go ahead and the other two be turned down.  But councillors defied their advice and awarded planning permission to the proposal for the site which Lidl has expressed interest in.


15 April 2015
Planning committee consider applications
6 April 2015
Asda plans recommened for approval

Bids for a touted Morrisons at the Stroud Metals in Dudbridge and an unnamed store at Brunsdon’s Yard, Ryeford, are recommended for refusal.Councillors are due to meet on 14th April.

23 September 2014
Asda decision delayed

After its bid for a store at Lightpill was delayed on Tuesday evening, a fresh application which is almost identical has been filed with Stroud District Council. It is understood that ASDA has not yet decided whether to appeal through a planning inquiry, but a duplicate application like this is commonly used tactic by developers to speed up the planning process.

24 July 2014
Planning meeting postponed until September

Planning officers recommend Asda plans for approval.

7 July 2014
Fourth supermarket bid

The owner of the Cornhill Shopping Centre has bought the adjoining Market Tavern pub - and wants to redevelop it as a supermarket.

14 February 2014
Morrisons plans move onto Metal site

Stroud Metal of Dudbridge has applied for permission to build an £8 million replacement company in Stonehouse to make way for a new Morrisons store.

23 October 2013
Asda submits planning application
17 October 2013
Morrisons unveils plans

Morrisons has unveiled plans to build a medium-sized foodstore at the Stroud Metal Company site in Dudbridge Road. The proposal is in partnership with Stroud Metal Company in order to help the metal works company relocate to a new, bigger site in Stonehouse