Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Marple, Stockport

An action group 'Marple in Action'  was set up to oppose the sale of land at the Ridge Danyers College for a supermarket. At the end of July 2011 hundreds of residents besieged a meeting of the Marple Area Committee, which had already been moved from the village library to the 150-person capacity Senior Citizen's Hall, which could still not accommodate the additional 200 people outside.

Marple in Action organised a protest against the plans, attended by over 1,000 people, on Saturday 20th August. Please see a youtube video.

In July 2012 Asda held an exhibition to present its plans for the site. The council received 782 letters and a 8,270-signature petition in objection. 

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Campaign Updates
Marple, Stockport

3 June 2013
Asda and College scrap plans

ASDA released a statement saying it had decided not pursue plans for a new ASDA store and petrol station on the site of a sixth form college, Hibbert Lane.   A spokesman for Cheadle & Marple 6th Form College (CAMSFC) the joint applicants said “The college has been considering a number of options on how to proceed and would very much like to work with the Marple community to explore a way forward”. David Hoyle, chairman of Marple in Action called the news ‘a victory for common sense and people power’.

28 March 2013
Plans refused

Stockport’s planning committee Councillors voted to refuse the application submitted by the supermarket and the college.