Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Hyndland, Glasgow

Root and Branch, a subsidiary of the G1 Group, is seeking planning permission for retail and office space at the 5,000 sq ft building at Novar Drive in Hyndland - part of the Glasgow West Conservation Area. It would be built on ground currently occupied by a disused builders yard, and councillors have been asked to grant a 'change of use' planning application to open the site up as retail space.

However, local residents have raised fears over the impact increased traffic will have on road safety and the effect a new supermarket will have on the surrounding area.

Planning officers have recommended the plans be approved.

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Campaign Updates
Hyndland, Glasgow

23 June 2014
Decision deferred

Councillors agreed to visit the site of the disused garage - part of the Glasgow West Conservation Area - to get a clearer idea of the development's impact.