Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Chobham, Surrey

In May 2012 an action group was formed and a petition launched against the opening of a new Tesco Express store. Chobham Against Tesco (CAT) collected more than 700 signatures opposing the Tesco store opening in Station Road.

Tesco submitted six new planning applications for the former Evitavonni showroom. Work started at the site as no permission is needed for Tesco to move in because the site already has a retail licence. In June Surrey Heath Borough Council considered the applications for a new illuminated sign, the formalisation of rear parking, a free-standing external chiller, a canopy to the back of the building, shop frontage alterations, the installation of a cash machine and a fence to house industrial units. Only two out of the seven proposals were passed as recommended.

The CATS campaign group has said “We will be watching Tesco very, very closely in terms of safety, licensing and every other issue.


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Campaign Updates
Chobham, Surrey

22 October 2012
Plans approved

By the Surrey Heath Borough Council planning applications committee.  The three applications were for six car parking spaces and three cycle stands, plant equipment and fencing as well as a replacement shop front.

3 September 2012
Tesco submits revised applications

Ffor the shop front, car parking and the rear plant housing industrial units. The proposal for a cash machine has also been withdrawn amid antisocial behaviour worries.

4 June 2012
Four applications deferred

Four applications for minor work were deferred.