Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Beeston, Leeds

Asda and Tesco are going head to head in a bid for planning permission in Beeston as Asda looks to build a new bigger store on its current Old Lane site and Tesco bids to build a new supermarket on a neighbouring site.

In October 2012 both applications were recommended for refusal by planning officers on the grounds that the proposed new supermarkets could undermine efforts to attract investment to the Dewsbury Road shopping area. They also argued that the applicants had failed to demonstrate that sites near to Dewsbury Road were not available. However, members of the council’s south and west plans panel made it clear they were minded to approve both schemes and deferred a decision so that officers could prepare a new report assessing the traffic impact on Beeston and the effect on other south Leeds shopping areas if the two stores were to be built.


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Campaign Updates
Beeston, Leeds

20 June 2013

Councillors agreed that letting two supermarkets open on the same road would be “detrimental” to the local economy. They unanimously backed the expansion of Asda that already operates from an existing 500 sq m store. Members turned down Tesco’s proposal on the basis that it posed “a significant adverse impact on the vitality of the local community”.

11 June 2013
Planning officers recommend Asda plans be approved

If councillors on the local planning panel follow the recommendation of planning officers, the victor will be Asda, whose plans for a new, bigger store on its current Old Lane site are being given the thumbs-up in a report drafted for a panel meeting on 20th June. They recommend Tesco plans for refusal.

1 October 2012
Asda submits planning application

Asda’s plan will see its current store demolished and a bigger store created on the same site.

1 September 2010
Tesco submits application

For a store on the site of the Moorhouses factory in Old Lane.